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   Wildlife National Park 


The State of J&K has enacted Jammu & Kashmir Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1978 by virtue of which National Parks, Sanctuaries, Game Reserves and Wetlands have been setup to afford protection to the diverse flora & fauna of the State .

Kashmiri Stag also known as Hangul (cervus elaphus hanglu) is found alone in the Valley of Kashmir and happens to be distinctly related to the European Red Deer. Dachigam National Park was set up to afford protection to this critically endangered animal.Dachigam National Park is stituated 1 km ahead of Harwon Garden (3 kms ahead of Shalimar Garden) and 18 kms from Srinagar. Permission to visit this National Park requires to be obtained from Wildlife Warden of (Wildlife Department).

The rare fauna found in the protected areas of the State include:
Tibetan Wild Ass (Equus hemionus kiang),
Wolf (anis lupus),
Kashmir Stag (cervus elaphus hanglu),
Markhor (capra falconeri),
Musk Deer (moschus moschifersu ),
Ovis Ammon or Nyam (ovis ammon hodgsone),
Snow Leopard (panthera unicia),
Urial or Shabu (ovis vignei)

Lammergeier (gypaetus barbatus)

Pea fowl (pavo cristatus)
Black necked crane
Fragophan Pheasants
Bar headed Geese







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